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Because Doors are awkward and heavy, we have designed the 
to save you for life after work!

Our GRIP is so simply ergonomically designed to take the Twist out of your Wrist when you're delivering those doors, and give you a secure grip on the door. Easily hooks on to any pre-drilled door set hole slab, with or without jamb and casing attached.

 TUFF GRIP is so easy to install and makes door carrying much simpler and safer for the handler. The semi-flexible vinyl collar on the shaft protects the door from splintering (wood) and protects the grip from early wear or cuts.
Compact enough to keep in your pocket, tough enough to do the job!
Constructed with a tough molded rubber grip with a rubber tube anchor, and heavy weight poly/nylon belting sewn together for good strength.


Protected by USA Patent Law
The "Anchor" portion of the "Grip" will not self-slip through the hole, or mark or chip the door. Your hands will love this sweet, comfortable, rubberized Grip!

PURCHASE TODAY: $16.99 EA USD, + $5.50 shipping/handling in USA

MUST USE SECOND BUTTON ALSO TO ADD $7.50 USD shipping to non-USA locations 


Need help? contact les@oxmentoolco.com or Ph. 612-805-3027
Product is made and shipped from Loretto, MN. 55357 USA

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