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 *New Product*
The Ox-Men Tool Co. solution to scratches, cuts, bruises, torn clothing, and padded protection for your forearms at work. 

                               (actual product subject to periodic cosmetic changes)
These FOREARM GUARDS are manufactured of 3/16" (+/-) closed cell foam with inner and outer layer of 1000d Cordura or similar material to create a comfortable, durable, protective product for protection of your forearms! The material helps to reduce sweating between the skin and the FOREARM PROTECTORS.

The 3 hook-and-loop straps keep the FOREARM PADS fitting your arm with a custom-fit regardless of your arm size, bare armed, or wearing your jacket. The straps can be left securely in position for slide-on/slide-off use or to really snug em up.

The unique design of our FOREARM GUARDS also provide wrist support and protection.

One-size fits all, tubular design fits arm diameter as much as 15 inches (cannons)!
Complete padded protection for the fore arms of working people


This hard-working Man is wearing our Original Shoulder Pad and our new FOREARM GUARDS to perform the grueling task of carrying a pre-hung door! These guys appreciate the helpful tools we provide via their company safety managers. Real picture at work is courtesy of Armando of Bison Supply, Houston. Armando and his 50+ guys enthusiastically approved our FOREARM PROTECTION design.

Introductory Price: $29.00 USD pr. (incl a left and right FOREARM GUARD)
Shipping & Handling to continental USA add $6 USD, all other countries subject to upcharge rates. Standard colors available, red, black, blue, yellow
Please Note: The Forearm Guards are not rated for any specific resistance criteria 
Also see our HI-VIS FOREARM GUARDS here


OPTIONAL: Purchase either a left or right arm FOREARMOR only. $15.00 USD  ea.   + $6 USD shipping and handling to continental USA
Questions? Contact les@oxmentoolco.com or phone 612-805-3027
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