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Our mission is to replace this "Man-Hurting" Door Handling, with a Safer, "Man-Saving" method! Also Door Saving!
Note: heavy awkward objects should always be moved with two persons when possible!
Simply Slide the base plate of the Door Handtuck under the door, set the upper and lower clamps, hook on the cinch strap for security, and go!

Roll the Door Handtruck semi-vertically or horizontally, subject to the terrain. 10" pneumatic tires on wide 18" stance, provide stable rolling over rough terrain, up loading ramps or stairs.

 Jamb with brickmold applied                     Jamb without casing                      Approx 56" x 18"
Comfortable foam rubber grips                        Toe-hold shown on solid lower axle assembly  
Quickly clamp on to prehung doors, with or without casing attached.

  • Transport 6'8 to 8' doors quickly and safely
  • Adjusts for jamb thickness 5/8" to 1`1/2", casing/brickmold 2-1/2' wide
  • Aluminum construction using 1/8', 3/16" and 1/4" thick material, weighs just 27lbs
  • Quick lock clamps rated at 500lbs holding power
  • Pneumatic 10" rubber tires cover the terrain, with secondary 4" swivel rubber caster wheels
  • 10" tires rated at 250lbs ea, 4" casters rated at 200/bs ea
  • Eye bolts mounted conveniently for the cinch strap hooks to hook-up quickly
  • Foam rubber grips for comfortable handling
  • All parts are available for replacement if necessary
  • Solidly built product is Satisfaction guaranteed
  • USA Patent Pending
Introductory Price: $359.00 EA. USD + $65 Shipping/Handling in USA (UPS Ground)
NOTE:If purchasing multiple units, shipping charges for additional units will be invoiced after sale.
Unit is shipped fully assembled except clamps will need to be bolted in place by customer. 

Need more information? email: les@oxmentoolco.com or call 612-805-3027
Product manufactured and shipped from Loretto, MN. USA
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