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                             ALL NEW SHOULDER PAD FOR
                                       MAIL CARRIERS


Our NEW SHOULDER PAD for MAIL CARRIERS is designed to really help you
                                            shoulder the bags!

This Shoulder Pad reduces the cutting weight of your mail bag shoulder strap all day long! We take our Original Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad and add an anti-slip inner top portion to keep it securely on your shoulder as you sling your bag forth and back while delivering the mail.
This pad will also provide comfort to newspaper delivery people and golf caddies carrying the golf club bag for the pros!
The Standard Postal Pad works on the left or right shoulder, and is adjustable up to a 50 inch chest size.

Here's what Ken says about our Postal Shoulder Pad:

"Hello Les-I wore the pad yesterday and would use one word to describe it- "outstanding". It both cushions and distributes the load. It never moves when I swing the bag around at each stop. I had purchased the (competitor product) and found it to be utterly useless, constantly slipping off as though it was oiled....nothing comes close to your design".

Standard Postal Pad: Fits up to 50 inch chest $35.99 ea+$9.99shipping/handling*
Large Postal Pad: Fits up to 58 inch chest  $36.99 ea + $9.99 shipping/handling*

*USD funds, shipped to locations in continental USA. All other locations subject to shipping up charges.

Need help?
email: les@oxmentoolco.com  ph. 612-805-3027 Loretto, Mn. 55357

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