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New padded product protects your upper legs.

Perfect for those jobs when your thighs are getting abused.

Manufactured of the same tough nylon material as our shoulder pads, inner and outer layers, with 1/2" PE foam in between.
Has one 1-1/2" adjustable strap with side-release buckle above the knee, and a 56" x 2" belt with adjustable side-release buckle.
The padded chap can be adjusted on the belt to cover the front, or sides, or rear of your thigh. Position it where it is needed.

Available in single or double units.

Single Chap / Belt   $38.00 USDea + $9.00 Shipping/Handling in USA
Dual Chaps / Belt    $60.00 USDea + $10.00 Shipping/Handling in USA
To Order via email to les@oxmentoolco.com
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