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Ox-Men Tool Co. Shoulder Pads and Forearm Guards for Company PPE Safety Programs. We are helping especially the workers in the LUMBER / BUILDING MATERIALS in their daily duties.

Shoulder Pads are a perfect fit for so many different workers in so many different occupations. We all understand how statistics show the major job-related injuries are back / shoulder / neck injuries. At Ox-Men Tool Co., we understand very well the abuse that the upper back, shoulders, and neck receive in the life of so many delivery, trades, and factory workers to name a few! Too often, the worker pays no heed to the on-going abuse until he/she finally notices it after 20 years of daily abuse. But alas, at that point it is too late. The damage to the body has progressed with the years!

These pictures are courtesy of our company founder, after his personal rotator-cuff/bicep repair and surgery.( Feel free to share with your workers.) This procedure can cost $30g in hospital/related expenses, and does not account for time spent in therapy, recovery, missed work days, and light-duty work days or job retraining.  The recovery time for this particular case has been 12+ months and running. Still hasn't dared to water ski or similar activities. Les is a strong advocate of Shoulder Protection and Safe Work now!

The key of course:
Now the workers have products, namely Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pads to help prevent damage to the shoulder, neck, and clothing (the value of a saved shirt or jacket alone may validate the shoulder pad purchase!) It doesnt take special training sessions to convince employees to wear the shoulder pads-they enjoy the benefit on first wear!
Pictures curtesy of Armando-Bison Supply, Houston Tx 
"I received my order a week ago and I have tested it...quite frankly I am beyond happy, I love this product! I have no pain on my shoulders, my shirts are no longer going to be worn out on the shoulders. You truly have an amazing product and I am going to order more for my other delivery crew soon! Thank-you once again! Maqawe; Quebec Canada
(Hardwood flooring delivery)

"the product is great and we will be implementing the pads for all of our picking crews"- Dave - Howe Farming Group, Queensland

Some Simple Company Economics:

Make a valid assumption that our shoulder pads will reduce shoulder injuries with your company. (Verified by Fernando at BMC in Houston, Texas.)

How much time is spent training workers to lift/carry properly? Is the training always successful?

How much does one injury cost your company?
How long will each injury continue to cost your company?

At what cost does your company replace a logo shirt?

What is the company cost to replace logo jackets?

How much productivity gain comes with happy, pain-free workers?

Our various Shoulder Pads and Forearm Pads require no special training to use-employees feel the immediate benefit and understand the personal value. Your company will see immediate benefit in employee wellness, employee productivity, and clothing cost savings. We provide solutions for shoulder problems!

"Excellent. I look forward to solving our problem after so many years of trying. You are the only company that has been willing to work with us. Thanks," Greg S., BMC

Understand simple economics? Investing in Ox-Men Tool Co. shoulder pads  and Forearm Protectors is a no-brainer. A minimum investment which can pay dividends for years to come! Our clients are getting years of useage, on a daily basis from the quality of our products (subject to job-conditions obviously). It is time to get your company enjoying the physical and economic benefits of implementing the Ox-Men Tool Co. Worker Shoulder Protection Products today! Reduce work injuries and reduce economic expense; invest in shoulder protection for your labor force. Quality you can count on.
Buy product direct from us, or contact your existing Safety Equipment Supplier to arrange order for your Company needs. We will do business with most safety supply distributors.

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