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Ox-Men Tool Co., we work with our clients to develope shoulder pads which will work best for the needs of workers. We understand (from experience) what the shoulders suffer in daily job performance! Our Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pads have been job-tested to perform to the needs of daily use! We continually use customer feedback to improve our products, especially from the Workers, Safety Managers, and Business Owners. All of our Workers Shoulder Pads are made family made in USA of the same quality materials. Our tools are designed to become a daily integrated part of your Personal Protective Equipment. Scroll our creative solutions to worker shoulder problems. We strive for perfection in your shoulder protection.
We help soften your load!
"I use it for carrying my tripod, long lens and camera. It stops the tripod and head from digging into my shoulder blade. Works like a charm! Nice piece of equipment! Derek - Australia 
Current Shoulder Pad Models:

ALL Shoulderpads Now Available in Woodland Camo Also!
Please select "green" at order and note "camo" in check-out instructions
Safety Managers/Professionals please go here
Please note at check-out if chest sizes exceed 50 inches

Black/Black              Red/Black               Green/Black              Yellow/Black
The "ORIGINAL" Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad
Our original multi-purpose shoulder pad with 3-sided protection for carrying, lifting, and pushing action. It all started with this product, which has served workers well! With 3-point adjustment, this fits most sizes and works equally well on left or right shoulder. Great for carrying most supplies such as lumber, photography equipment, rebar, etc.
 Price USD funds: $32.99ea + $9.99 per order
shipping/handling to Continental USA. Upcharge shipping to other countries.
This one really rocks! Light and durable, well vented design, keeps you cool when you're working hard. Great for most material handling and photographers' needs. Visit the webpage here for details and purchasing. Super Duty has optional vinyl patch for added durability.
Prices: $25.99 and $28.99 ea USD + $9.99 shipping continental USA
                   Click on picture below to see our latest innovation:


The Original "TUFF-OX" Shoulder Pad II
This shoulder pad is great for work that requires the use of fire-resistant clothing or coveralls, jackets, parkas, etc., as it fits nicely under clothing. The Pad still has the same pad characteristics (as the "Original Tuff-Ox") and can as easily be worn on top of clothing. We remove the "rotor-cuff" flap so that it fits under your protective garments with reduced constraint on your movements. These pads are great for jobs which do not carry product which rests on the outer rotor-cuff area of the shoulder.  Prices, colors, shipping conditions same as "Original"  as noted above. $32.99 ea USD + 9.99 USD shipping continental USA

All NEW "Dually" Shoulder Pad
The Dually shoulder Pad comes with the same tough materials as the Original Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad. It has 5 adjustable belts to make it fit most working guys. You can also order it with our neck guards. Price each is $60.00 USD and additional $9.99 USD shipping/handling (per order) to areas in Continental USA. Optional add $7 for neck guards. Available in same colors as "Original"
See more info or otions here.
The Dually

OTC03                                                                                          OTC04

The "ORIGINAL" Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad with NECK GUARD

We built this one in response to some of our customer's feedback. The Neck Guard addition  (OTC03) saves the neck from the scratches, cuts, scrapes, and bruises so common from carrying sharp square edged product such as millwork, steel, and other material. Soft inner pad keeps neck comfortable. This pad has all the same characteristics as the "Original" Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad, but the Neck Guard completes the ultimate package! Price is $35.99each USD and $9.99 per order, shipping and handling continental USA. Upcharge cost to all other countries. Also available in Green/Black and Yellow/Black  Add $3 for OTC04 with the upper arm pad.

The ROUGH DUTY Shoulder Pad
This shoulder  pad is higher visability orange, and comes with an extra heavy duty layer of black material right where the wearing takes place. Makes a long-lasting product last 2x longer! A super duty pad, great for moving rebar, rough-sawn lumber, and other coarse materials.

 ROUGH DUTY Shoulder Pad                                 ROUGH DUTY with Neck Guard option

ROUGH DUTY Shoulder Pad $35.99.00ea USD + $9.99 Usd Shipping/Handling USA per order
ROUGH Duty with Neck Guard  $38.99.00ea USD + $9.99 Usd Shipping/Handling USA per order
ROUGH DUTY with Neck Guard/Arm Pad $42.99ea USD + $9.99 Usd Shipping/Handling in USA
Standard size fits to 50" chest, XL fits to 60" chest

Go HERE for more information
The Shoulder Pad XP System
This product is a combination of our Dually product and our Safety Pads. By creating a harness for our safety pads, we have created a comfortable, neat product which works great for most sizes of people. Fully adjustable at 7 points with side-lock buckles, and hook slots for cell phones or other clip-type accessories. Go here for more info or to purchase.
Our forearm guards are designed to reduce scratches, cuts, and bruises to your arms when you are doing your job carrying rugged materials. go here to see complete details or to purchase.


The above products are not designed for high impact activities.
Standard fit up to 50 inches.

Please contact
les@oxmentoolco.com with all questions, comments or for information on a custom shoulder pad and other padded products. Or call 612-805-3027,
Loretto, Mn.USA

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