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Ox-Men Tool Co., standard industrial and construction-grade Worker Shoulder Pads can be viewed and purchased on this page.
Made in the USA
Our Shoulder Pads are designed PPE for all Working Men and Women!  

Standard Features (as applicable): 1000d heavy pack cloth material, heavy duty web belt with side-loc plastic buckles, and heavy duty under arm adjustable belt, with soft padded inner liner, single layer chest and back foam (+/- 1/2") and dbl layers of closed cell foam rubber padding on top area (+/- 1"), wearable on left or right shoulders, available in variety of color combinations. Designed for chest sizes approx 34 inches to 50". Shipping and handling charges based on standard shipping to 48 Continental USA States. All other areas subject to upcharge.  Prices are USD.
Orders to Australia, UK, and other foreign locations, will be charged additional $15.50 for shipping and handling for 1-2 pc order. Use button at bottom of page to pay at checkout.
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The Original Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad             
Price: $32.99 ea

The Original Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad with Arm Guard
Price: $35.99 ea.

The Original Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad with Neck Guard
Price: $35.99 USD

The Original Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad with Neck & Arm Guard
Price $38.99 USD

The standard Original Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad (OTC01) has the quality and long-lasting protection for normal work activity. Whether you are carrying lumber, pipe, rebar, photograpy equipment etc., this one does the job. Fits left or right shoulder. Adjustable belt has 2 side-loc buckles. We have you covered if you carry doors, or sheetgoods, with our optional Upper Arm Pad (OTC02 & OTC04). The addition of our Neck Guard (OTC03 & OTC04) keeps the goods from scratching, rubbing, bruising your neck!
Add $9.99 shipping and handling per order continental USA.

The Original Shoulder Pad II

This Original Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad II has all the same features of the "Original" above, but we remove the overhanging portion. For many workers, the protection over the shoulder "corner" is not necessary or the shoulder pad needs to be beneath other clothing ie. coveralls, raingear, etc.
Price: $32.99 ea plus $9.99 shipping and handling per order
Neck Guard

Our IRON WORKER Shoulder Pads are made for the workers carrying the rebar, dirty steel, scaffold pipe, steel pipe, and other heavy, dirty, products. The flexible vinyl patch "diamond plate" adds exceptional protection. Available with neck guard. Visit this page for more detail and purchase options.

All New OTC Tape Measure Holster / Holder
Our own Tape Measure Holster is "best of class" by our measure! For the working men and women by OTC for holding most big hook tape measures, and a D-Ring for your gloves etc.! 
See more details here or purchase now.(tape measure not included)
Price is $9.99 usd to USA destinations,(incl s&h) add $1.50 all other locations
Price is $7.99 if you add to your order of $30 or more. 
Destination Options

The TOP-MULE Shoulder Pads are designed for all day comfort without heat build-up. With a molded 5/8" +/- closed foam pad between your camera, lumber, or whatever you are shouldering, the pain will be diminshed. Upgrade to the SUPER-DUTY version with the rubber/vinyl patch and you're going the distance! The pad is kept in place with a 2" wide belt. with 1.5" uprights attached with pvc webs to keep em upright. Compact design works well over or under clothing. Price is $25.99 ea for the Standard and $28.99 for the SUPER-DUTY.  Add $9.99 USD shipping and handling in the USA 
(click on picture to visit page)

The Rough Duty Shoulder Pad                      With Neck-Guard
This  Rough Duty Shoulder Pad endures the ugly stuff! We add a extra layer of 1680d cloth on the portion taking the real abuse. Available in higher visibility orange with black patch. Perfect for rough-sawn lumber, rebar, scaffold, other dirty and rough materials. Doubles the life-span of the existing durable Original Shoulder Pad.

Price: $35.99 (RDSP01) ea plus $9.99 shipping and handling in USA
Add Neck Guard option: $3.00 (RDSP02)
Add Arm Pad option: $4.00 (RDSP03)
Standard is up to 50"chest. XL is up to 60" chest

Go HERE for more information

"BONE PROTECTORS" Attachable Shoulder Pads for HI-VIS Safety Vests
Our Bone Protector Shoulder Pads take safety to another level! These shoulder pads attach to your favorite HI-VIS safety vest via "sandwich" method. Require no fasteners to install simply, quickly, and securely. Go here to see full details.

The Dually Shoulder Pads                       With Neck Guards

The Dually is designed for the serious "pack-mule". This unit is great for reducing strain to the shoulders by distributing the load quickly. Reduces down time necessary to switch the single shoulder pads from shoulder to shoulder.
Price: $60.00 usd each and $9.99 usd shipping/handling
Add $7 for Neck Guards
The Dually
Neck Guards
The XP Shoulder Pad System                   With Neck Guards

The XP Sytem is a light weight Shoulder Pad protection system which works well for warm working conditions. Works well with safety vests or most any clothing. The 2" straps are securely adjustable on the belt using hook and loop locking for total comfort to our unique bodies. Wear this unit all day long! Price is $56.00 ea + $9.99 shipping and handling to continental USA locations.


Neck Guards
Our own Forearm Guards are some very tough tools! With 3/16" +/- foam sandwiched between inner and outer layers of 1000d sack cloth, we have your arms covered. Fabricated in a sealed tube design with 3 hook and loop straps to snug em up, these rock! And your arms will stay cool to boot! Price is $15 ea, left or right arm + $6 Shipping and handling to continental USA destinations.
Orders to Canada, Australia, and the UK can pay up charge shipping of $16.50 USD here, to speed up processing per single item order. Otherwise we have to bill you after receipt of your order.

Questions, comments, or problems?
les@oxmentoolco.com or Ph. 612-805-3027

Shipped from Loretto, Minnesota 55357 USA
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