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Industrial Use Shoulder Protection at the price of a good shirt!

Here's some of the variety of our Customers' comments:

This Man's smile says it all! 
Photo Courtesy of Nick-Travis Perkins Trading Co. Cardiff UK

"It is amazing how all you feel is weight...no scratches or friction..or any pain whatsoever..personally I can carry double or triple the amount and be more efficient and quicker at my job!  Payton- GA.

"Excellent. I look forward to solving our problem after so many years of trying. You are the only company that has been willing to work with us. Thanks," Greg S., BMC

The "Guys" at Bison/Stock Bdlg. Supply; Houston, Texas

" I have not had to replace any of the shoulder pads that I have ordered (1.5 years). They get used daily for about 8-9 hours. Granted we only deal with wood products, but the guys love them! What our company loves the most is the fact that the injuries have diminished completely with shoulder or neck cuts due to the wood! We love them!"  Fernando, Safety Manager, BMC Houston Texas

I received my order a week ago and I have tested it...quite frankly I am beyond happy, I love this product! I have no pain on my shoulders, my shirts are no longer going to be worn out on the shoulders. You truly have an amazing product and I am going to order more for my other delivery crew soon! Thank-you once again! Maqawe; Quebec Canada
(Hardwood flooring delivery)

"Here's a quick shot of our loading men wearing the shoulder pads!
They love them!!"
Nicholas Porter @ Porter Pipe & Supply Co. USA

"These are a tremendous help to our delivery drivers and i'm really not sure what we did without them"
-Chris / Horizon Forest Products

"I am really glad to have my TUFF-OX Shoulder Pad. It is terrific, and I can carry more material.  I get more work done!" - Andrew (IRONWOOD CONNECTION-The Premier Stair Co, Houston, Texas)

"The Tuff-Ox shoulder Pad has been a valuable addition to our shops' personal protective equipment. Our workers used to comment about shoulder strain and bruising from carrying pipe on their shoulders. Now the only comments about shoulder issues is that they wish that we had found the shoulder pads years ago! The Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad is an item that should be required safety equipment for anyone that carries materials on their shoulders!" (P.S. These pads really are great. I wish I had one when I was working in the field as a Pipefitter. It would have saved me a lot of pain!)
Ralph Strzewski; Safety Manager @ Porter Pipe & Supply Co. USA 

"Long overdue thanks for the custom shoulder pad" Peter Ramos, Camera Operator ICG

  "I do wildlife photography. I purchased this pad to protect my shoulder when I'm carrying my camera, large telephoto lens, and tripod. It works great! I've also lent it to my brother-in-law who is a builder" D.S.- Grand Rapids, Mi.

"the product is great and we will be implementing the pads for all of our picking crews"- Dave - Howe Farming Group, Queensland

"Hello Les-I wore the pad yesterday and would use one word to describe it- "outstanding". It both cushions and distributes the load. It never moves when I swing the bag around at each stop. I had purchased the (competitor product) and found it to be utterly useless, constantly slipping off as though it was oiled....nothing comes close to your design".

"Thank-you for your help! Your service has been exceptional"

"Thanks for inventing something to help make our work more comfortable"

"The service is great and the product is a blessing from Heaven and my fellow- coworkers love it as well. Thanks a bunch!!!! Be ordering again soon!!"

"The Shoulder Pad is great, it has saved me from further shoulder pain at work"

"Les; Our employees love them, they use them while carrying multiple lineals of vinyl. Thanks"  
Dan-Plant Manager, Sunrise Windows


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