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                             The Tool Holster Hook
            for Common Tape Measure and Hand Tool Holsters
               Created by the Genuine Tradesmen Team at OTC USA 
              Manufactured of heavy duty 1/8" ABS plastic for tough work use.

Designed to attach to the tool holsters firmly in place of a belt. Now allows user to use tool holsters without wearing a belt; hook on to a belt, pants waistband, pocket, tool bags, or other similar materials. Universal tool holster hook-up.
            Good ole American Worker ingenuity! Working smarter and safer!
The Holster Hook is perfect for temporary use of those tape measure and other tools that you remove often to get into your vehicle, or don't want the extra weight on your side when you don't need the tool. Tool belts are heavy enough with your standard tools.

Purchase options:   (Does not include tools/holsters) 
Buy 1 Holster Hook at $5.75 USD includes shipping/handling to USA locations
Buy 2 Holster Hooks at $10.50 USD includes shipping/handling to USA locations
Buy 5 Holster Hooks at $24.50 USD includes shipping/handling to USA locations
Add $5 USD for shipping to all foreign locations
Shipping is via USPS First Class from Loretto, Minn. USA 55357

Non-USA Shipping Charge
Questions, Comments, or assistance: les@oxmentoolco.com
Phone orders welcome at 612-805-3027

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