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 Designed by Workers, for Workers!
Shoulder Protection at the price of a good shirt!

The "Original Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad"    "Original Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad II"

Our Original Workers shoulder pads are constructed of industrial strength materials, and designed to provide a coushion between the wearer's shoulder and the product which you are carrying. With the use of 1/2" (+/-) closed cell foam, which is doubled on the top portion of the pad, a soft coushioned liner material on the inner portion, and durable cordura or similar type material on the outer surface, this product will provide long-lasting comfortable protection. The Pads are wearable on either the left or right shoulder equally adjustable. A bonus is the saving of shirts and jackets with use of this Shoulder Pad (or other Ox-Men products.)!

The Original Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad and with Optional Add-Ons
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One side adjusts with use of HD webbing and HD bar slide, with bar slide, while the belt side has dual side -release buckles on an adjustable length belt. (Standard size up to 50")  We do not use metal parts in our Shoulder Pads.
"The Tuff-Ox shoulder Pad has been a valuable addition to our shops' personal protective equipment. Our workers used to comment about shoulder strain and bruising from carrying pipe on their shoulders. Now the only comments about shoulder issues is that they wish that we had found the shoulder pads years ago! The Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad is an item that should be required safety equipment for anyone that carries materials on their shoulders!" (P.S. These pads really are great. I wish I had one when I was working in the field as a Pipefitter. It would have saved me a lot of pain!)
Ralph Strzewski; Safety Manager @ Porter Pipe & Supply Co. USA 

                          The Original Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad                             
"I am really glad to have my TUFF-OX Shoulder Pad. It is terrific, and I can carry more material.  I get more work done!" - Andrew (IRONWOOD CONNECTION-The Premier Stair Co, Houston, Texas)

If you our your employees use the shoulder as a daily tool to move product, you are fully aware of the ongoing pain, bruising, scratches, and cuts which the shoulder suffers from this practice. Our products help to reduce or eliminate the effects of hardwork on the worker's shoulder. Consider scaffold workers, erectors. who carry frames and planks daily. The shoulders of these people take a beating from the daily moving of scaffolding. Our construction-grade shoulder pads are taking the edge off the hard metal and wood weight on the shoulders. The testimonials from workers using our shoulderpads just keep coming!
Safety Managers/Professionals go here for details

"Thank-you for your help! Your service has been exceptional"
"Thanks for inventing something to help make our work more comfortable"
"The service is great and the product is a blessing from Heaven and my fellow co-workers love it as well. Thanks a bunch!!!! Be ordering again soon!!" 

Truckers at Bison/Stock Supply, Houston Tx with their fresh shoulder pads!
Our shoulder Pad may save your business expense due to increased production by physically reducing work related injuries or body stress! A small investment in Personal Protective Equipment for healthy workers!

 Plumbers, Pipefitters, Sandblasters, Fence/deck builders builders, Ironworkers, Oil Rig Construction, Delivery People, Letter Carriers, Postal Workers, Hunters/Sportsman, Photographers, Painters, General Construction Workers/Laborers, Flooring Installers, Ship Builders, Loggers, Movers, Rebar/Concrete Workers, Ranchers, Linemen, Electricians, etc.


The "Old Way"                           The "Tuff-Ox" Shoulder Pad Way!

     "I do wildlife photography. I purchased this pad to protect my shoulder when I'm carrying my camera, large telephoto lens, and tripod. It works great! I've also lent it to my brother-in-law who is a builder" D.S.- Grand Rapids, Mi.
Tough heavy Cordura, or similar outer shell has closed cell foam rubber with soft inner liner and 3-point adjustable, positive fit for total user comfort!
- Three-sided shoulder protection, fits for left or right side use!
"The Original" Shoulder Pad
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Black/Black                     Red/Black                         Yellow/Black                    Green/Black
                        Woodland Camo/Black                  Blue/Black                Forearm Pads                                              
(Note at check out instructions for camo or blue)
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Click here to see our ORIGINAL SHOULDER PAD II
(Designed for over/under protective garments)

Designed by Workers for Workers! Has the "TUFF-OX TOOL" guarantee
Purchase one now for $32.99 (USD) + $9.99 shipping and handling per order. (Cont. U.S.A.) Other locations subject to additional shipping costs.
Questions/comments les@oxmentoolco.com
or Ph. (612) 805-3027 Loretto, Minn.

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